February 2018 Update

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Plant NOVA Natives – February 2018 Update

Newsletter article – Please see the short article at the bottom of this update and send it out via any newsletter or social media you can think of.

Second Annual Grand Meeting of the Partners: February 27 – Over forty organizations constitute the Plant NOVA Natives partnership already, and we welcome any private, public, or non-profit group to join us in this collective action movement to create a Northern Virginia that supports wildlife. Details about the leadership meeting are here.

Spring volunteer calendar – If you know anything about why native plants are a wonderful thing, you know more than 99% of the general public and are qualified to staff a table at a public event. We are listing opportunities on our sign-up sheet (as well as on our website calendar) and will add more as we learn about them.

You ARE Plant NOVA Natives! Please consider being our contact person to arrange and staff a table at your local fair, festival, workplace event, etc. You supply the time, we supply the materials and ideas for effective outreach. (There are lots of other ways to help as well.) Let us know if you have an idea for an event.

Moolah helps, too – For every $20 you donate, we can reach about a 1,000 people on Facebook. This is an amazing bargain, as advertising goes. Bur our goal is to convince 100,000 people to actually plant a native plant, so we need a lot of ads!

Couriers needed for two days – Let’s rotate the job of moving our exhibits between libraries on the last and first days of the month. Email plantnovantives@gmail.com to sign up for a pair of back-to-back days. We have reserved display cases in one or two libraries each month for the next year.

Matching grants from Earth Sangha – This grant is designed to help citizen-led small-scale restoration efforts get the local-ecotype native plants they need, at a discount. No project is too small, whether it’s a community-led invasive pull, or a larger project with multiple partners.