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Marketing native plants

Why native plants are good for business


Native plants can provide the look that customers are seeking with less risk from diseases and pests.


Governments are starting to require natural landscaping on public land.

New customers

In an era when people are more interested in electronics than in gardening, many who otherwise would not bother with landscaping are now looking at their yards.


Better customers

A subset of customers will spend more on plants because of their motivation to create wildlife habitat,


Commercial customers

Businesses are demonstrating their environmental credentials in their parking lots.

Expanded demographics

Younger customers interested in the future of the planet may assure the future of the horticultural industry.


Homeowners associations

You will be seeing RFPs from homeowners associations and others requiring native plants. Plant NOVA Natives is planning a major push with community associations.

Why not take advantage of this important market niche?

Jean Packard Conference Center in Occoquan Regional Park

Jean Packard Conference Center in Occoquan Regional Park

Itea virginica at HOA entrance

Itea virginica at HOA entrance

Caboose Commons, Fairfax

Caboose Commons, Fairfax

Selling points

  • Hundreds of available local species, with examples to fill every landscaping need

  • Traditional, orderly aesthetics are easily achieved, if that is what is preferred.

  • No fertilizer or pesticides

  • No watering (once established, if sited correctly)

  • No pruning (if carefully chosen for size. Suitable cultivars are available.)

  • No mowing

  • Minimal (if any) soil amendments

  • Naturally beautiful

  • The wave of the future. Gardening magazines are all into native plants these days.

  • Adapted to the local environment. Easy to grow, if sited correctly.

  • Perennial. No need to replant annually.

  • Environmental benefits

    • As a member of the professional landscape industry, you have a tremendous opportunity to educate and inspire clients to install native plantings which not only support local pollinators and other wildlife, but also filter pollutants that may run off properties into streams during rainstorms.

    • Our local birds, butterflies, and frogs depend on the species with which they evolved. Native plants support local insects, which provide the food for baby birds and other wildlife.

    • Wildlife populations are in serious decline world-wide. Our own properties are where we can restore the plants that are needed for their survival.

Garden Centers - 

Take note!


This MD garden center created a

Native Habitat Center


Habitat Program


Virginia Dept of Wildlife Resources

More maintenance companies needed

Customeres are reporting that it is difficult to find companies with the expertise to care for naturalized landscapes. Can you develop that expertise? We will list you on our website here.

This is not going in every month for the same task. What it is is going in every month for assessment...Take a look at what's working, what's not working, what needs help, what doesn't need help, and assisting the park to become more and more alive. Susan Abraham

Brochures to give your clients

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Landscaping problems that can be improved with installation of native plantings:

Why not make native plants your default choice?

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