To that end, we hope to provide you with the information and materials to promote NOVA Natives on your own and/ or to join us in our collective efforts to educate others and expand Natives-planted acreage within Northern Virginia.

Visit the following pages for guidance on bringing beautiful natives to your own property and express and enhance your personal interests by becoming a Plant NOVA Natives volunteer.

   -  On Your Own -- Things you can do TODAY to promote NOVA Natives!

   -   Be a Champion -- Demonstrate a committement to native plants as an organization

   -  Work With Us -- SO many ways to get involved!

   -  Faith Communities -- Tips on demonstrating environmental stewardship within these communities. 

   -  Report Back -- We want to hear back about the great things you're doing to support NOVA Natives!

   -  Events Calendar -- Keep current on trainings, volunteer opportunities and events promoting NOVA Natives.

Plant NOVA Natives is a joint marketing campaign supported by numerous governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations.  Our mission is to educate the community and promote the benefits to water quality and natural habitat of planting beautiful Northern Virginia natives, through the efforts of committed volunteers using multimedia outreach and events, and by working with local growers and sellers of native plants.

At its core, Plant NOVA Natives is a promotional campaign.

Our mission statement explains:

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