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Find the best NOVA natives


Search for the perfect Northern Virginia native for your planting needs.

While on the site:

  • Use the search bar if you know the Common or Scientific name of the plant.

  • Click on the photo or name to see information about each plant.

  • To search by characteristics click on the blue search symbol to OPEN the category menu and filter down the list based on plant characteristics such as height, moisture, sun/shade, deer resistance, and wildlife value.

A sample screen shot below:

To add the icon to your mobile phone: Do NOT go to the app store. This is an web-based app. You can create an icon so it works like any other app as long as you have internet access. Click on the yellow "Mobile Friendly Version" button.

  • On an iPhone, in Safari, tap the "share" symbol, then tap on "Add to home screen."

  • On an Android, in Chrome, click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, choose "Add to Homescreen"

Plant and wildlife cheat sheet

Very short hints at how to tell something from a similar species found in Northern Virginia. An asterisk means non-natives. 


This is very much a work in progress. Please email corrections and additions to  

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