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Need help from the experts? Several have volunteered to help you think about your specific situation.

Each expert will give a short presentation then open it up to your questions for the bulk of the hour. Please include your questions on the registration form so the presenters will know where to focus. Photos of the area of concern can be very helpful and will make the conference more interesting, so please email those to us.

Pruning Native Shrubs and Trees


When: 6:30pm-8:00pm, Wednesday, May 5


Expert: Maraea Harris  


Pruning shrubs and small trees can be confounding for homeowners but it doesn't have to be. We will talk about identifying trees and shrubs in your landscape and how best to prune them for health and aesthetics. The techniques we discuss will be applicable throughout your landscape but we will focus on native shrubs and trees that are commonly grown in our area.

Submit your questions on the registration page, and please send photos of the area in question to plantnovanatives@gmail.com.

This videoconference will be recorded and posted to YouTube.

Maraea Harris is the owner of Metro GardenWorks, whose services include gardening, pruning, tree assessment and identification, and invasive plant management.

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May 5 videoconference 

Pruning Native Shrubs and Trees