Educational resources about native plants for professionals

Training opportunities

Plant NOVA Natives conference for professionals only

Annual in early August

Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals Program - become certified in best practices of stormwater management, environmental stewardship and maintenance of natural landscaping projects.

Benefits to professionals

  • Concentrated learning in a short time

  • Networking opportunities and mutual support, private Facebook group

  • Contracts are starting to require CBLP certification

  • Listing on directory profile

Green Matters Symposium

  • Annual in February

  • Brookside Gardens 


Lahr Symposium

o   Annual in March

o   National Arboretum


Native Plants in the Landscape Conference

o   Annual in June

o   Millersville, PA

New Directions in the American Landscape - intensive two day workshops throughout the year in various locations across the US. Annual winter symposium near Philadelphia.

Why we are doing this:

Bringing Nature Home, How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants by Douglas W. Tallamy. An excellent read - the book that started the popular movement.

Practical, detailed references

Landscape Design

Landscape Performance – An amazing website for professionals that summarizes a lot of research and has detailed case studies which include quantitative estimates of the environmental, social, and economic benefits of each project

Designing the Sustainable Site: Integrated Strategies for Small Scale Sites and Residential Landscapes by Heather Venhaus and Dreiseitl, 2012

Books about plants


How to create a meadow garden

Garden Revolution, Larry Weaner and Thomas Christopher, 2016.