Faith communities –
creating sanctuaries for the living world

Coming into right relationship with the rest of the living world includes making room on the land we occupy for other creatures to thrive. Faith communities can provide wildlife habitat and demonstrate environmental stewardship on the land around their buildings as public witness to their devotion and care for Creation.

Let your life speak: Join the movement in Northern Virginia.

June 2020 Faith Community Symposium

​​​We invite all faith communities to join us in this simple plan:


​1. Educate yourselves.

Share the good news about how we can each play a part in rescuing the birds, frogs, butterflies, and all the threatened wildlife of Northern Virginia. An easy way to do this is to show a 25-minute segment of the movie Hometown Habitat to your congregation (see below) followed by discussion. Find other suggestions here.


2. Apply the principles of wildlife stewardship to your community property.

Get landscaping ideas for places of worship by clicking here.

Get inspired by the stories and photos from other faith communities.


Matching grants are available from the state, and free advice on landscaping for habitat from Audubon-at-Home volunteers!

3. Host a public dialog. 

Hold the same Hometown Habitat showing or other educational events in a public forum and invite other congregations to join you.

Hometown Habitat screenings for Northern Virginia faith communities

In this beautiful documentary, we learn why we need to save the Earth starting at home and what religious communities are doing to put their faith into action. The 15 minute introductory segment and the 10 minute segment on Sacred Grounds provide an inspiring introduction to the concepts and the possibilities for greater stewardship. By special arrangement, organizers in Northern Virginia can watch it online for free in order to decide whether to pay for a screening for their community.


​Check out details on how to use Hometown Habitat to spread the word.

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Herndon Friends Meeting