​Loss and fragmentation of the native landscape in Northern Virginia has impacted the ecological integrity of the region. Wildlife habitat, water quality, air quality as well as the historic, natural character has suffered. Although much of Northern Virginia has already been converted to pavement or lawns, gardeners can make a difference in the ecological sustainability of our region by planting native plants.

The Plant NoVA Natives campaign features plants that have appealing foliage, berries and flowers that can make your landscape unique, attractive and welcoming not only for people, but also for local wildlife. Because they are naturally adapted to our local soils and climate, these native plants are also easy to maintain when given the appropriate growing conditions.

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to Plant NOVA Natives

What native plants will you add to your garden this year? Add to our native plant impact in Northern Virginia!

Guide to Native Plants for Northern Virginia

Help Us Grow! The grant which supports this program ends in September. Please support the Plant NOVA Natives program with your tax deductible contribution today.

Photo Credits:

Lobelia cardinalis, Tony Garvey; Passiflora incarnata, Ken Lawless;

​​​​This guide will help you choose native plants for your landscape. Download the guide for free.

Order a single, print copy for $8.50 (including tax/shipping) at tinyurl.com/novanatives

For larger orders, email plantnovanatives@gmail.com 

2-49 copies: $5 each.  Pickup points available at several locations throughout Northern Virginia by prearrangement.

Case of 50 - $200 ($4 each).    
Orders can be picked up at 12055 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA unless other arrangements are made.

Why Native Plants?

  • Naturally Beautiful! Native plants will add beauty to your garden. Not convinced?
  • Low Maintenance! Native plants are adapted to local conditions. Planted in the right place, native plants need less water and other care. 
  • Good for the Earth! Native plants support butterflies, birds and pollinators AND healthy water!