August 2017 Update

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Fall native plant sales -

September 9, 9 am – 3 pm. Green Spring Gardens. The Virginia Native Plant Society offerings are behind the visitor center.

September 9, 9 am – 3 pm. Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy sale.

September 23, 9 am – 2 pm. Northern Alexandria Native Plant Sale

September 24, 10 am – 2 pm Earth Sangha Open House and Plant Sale

Looking for a particular plant, or multiples of one plant? You can contact the vendors ahead of time and request that they bring enough for you.

And don’t forget our local native plants nurseries – Nature by Design in Alexandria and Watermark Woods in Hamilton are open all season to supply your needs. Earth Sangha is open by appointment between sales.

Wolf Trap demonstration gardens – Sept 3 event – Wolf Trap is indeed a National Park with great natural areas – and fantastic native plant gardens. Phil Goetkin will lead a special tour on September 3 at 1 pm. The Friends of Wolf Trap also lead tours monthly as well as before performances.

Hometown Habitat event September 18 – 7 pm, Fairlington Community Center. Click here for more information.

Unlimited tabling opportunities – Would you like to see Plant NOVA Natives represented at an upcoming event, whether small or large? Then represent us! Contact us to find out whether one of our partnering organizations already plans to be there. If not, we will mail you the materials you need. Click here for detailed suggestions on how to be an effective apostle for the native plant movement. Let’s spread the word to every citizen of Northern Virginia!

Garden of the Week – yours could be next! We plan to highlight a different garden every week on Facebook. It does not matter if the garden’s native footprint is only the size of a postage stamp – as long as it has at least one native plant that is looking aesthetically pleasing, your photo can inspire others to start planting natives, too. The photo should be of the whole plant setting, not just of a flower. Please email us pictures of your gardens, or of any garden you know including those in public spaces, and tell us a few words about the photo. For instance, this Yucca filamentosa is looking sharp in front of the Burke Centre Safeway.

This month’s newsletter article – Please reprint these articles on social media and in any newsletter you can – work, faith community, HOA, club, etc. Or link to them on our blog, which includes previous articles in this series