April 2021 Update

At the bottom of this page, please see the short article on­­­­­ native container gardeners, and share it as widely as possible.

Time to start planting! Our native plant-only nurseries are opening soon if not already, as are the conventional nurseries where our volunteers put red stickers on the native plants. Information has been slowly trickling in about local native plant sales as well. Find locations on our website under “Get Plants.”

Lots of volunteers needed! Please email plantnovanatives@gmail.com if you can help.

1. More people to help put our red Virginia Native stickers on plants at conventional nurseries. A very fun way to learn about plants!

2. For our upcoming five year native tree campaign:

a. One or two website managers to help us create our website for the upcoming tree campaign. The Wix program we use is user friendly.

b. Someone with graphic design experience to help create point of sale materials for the tree campaign.

c. An experienced project manager looking for a worthy cause to devote your time and expertise to. Perhaps you’re recently retired and feel called to serve your community and the environment? Maybe you’re seeking PMP certification and need to gain and document project planning experience? We need your volunteer help to develop campaign charter, define project, and develop an action plan. If interested, please e-mail your contact information to plantnovanatives@gmail.com and use “Project Manager” in your subject line. Steve Wright will contact you to discuss.

Use NextDoor.com to encourage your neighbors to plant native plants. People are most likely to act when they see friends and neighbors adopting new behaviors. Our volunteers have been posting on NextDoor.com monthly in many communities, but now we would like multiple volunteers in each neighborhood to reply to the posts, talking about their own gardens. Email plantnovanatives@gmail.com to be matched with other volunteers.

Want to make a nature tour for your neighborhood or park? We can make you a little online map tour. Here is an example. Click here for details.

City Nature Challenge is coming! – Anyone can enjoy uploading photos to iNaturalist, anytime, helping to document life on Earth. From April 30-May 3, the DC area will be participating with around 300 other metropolitan areas worldwide in a friendly competition to see who can observe the most wild species of plants, animals and other life. Last year over 41,000 people participated. Learn more here.

Mini-grants for community associations

There is still time to apply for a matching mini-grant from Audubon at Home Program for community associations to re-landscape their entrances using native plants. Applications are due May 31, 2021. Details and the application forms may be found here.

Ask the Expert -

Wednesday, May 5, 6:30pm – 8 pm: Maraea Harris, Pruning Native Shrubs and Trees

Submit your questions and photos ahead of time. Register on our website.

Can you help us pay for this outreach? Donations greatly appreciated to pay for our website, red sticker and Facebook ads. One way to donate is by giving a