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Why Native Plants?

  1. Naturally beautiful! Native plants will add beauty to your garden. Not convinced?

  2. Made for here! Native plants are adapted to local conditions. Planted in the right place, native plants need less water and other care than our non-native lawns. 

  3. Good for the Earth! Unlike non-native plants such as turfgrass, native plants support butterflies, birds and pollinators AND healthy water!

Make a difference: plant native plants
Nativ plans for northern virginia guide book

Guide to Native Plants for Northern Virginia

This guide will help you choose native plants for your landscape. 


Order a print copy here OR

download the guide as a pdf for free OR

use the online plant search app.

As of May 2024: 1415 pledges!


to Plant NOVA Natives

What native plants will you
add to your garden this year?
Add to our native plant impact
in Northern Virginia!

Monarda didyma, bee balm, humming bird
Watch the Green Grow!
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green yard actions
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(You don't have to be in Fairfax County to record on this map.)
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