Resource Protection Areas Maps and Regulations


Fairfax County:  Find your borders in relationship to the nearest park and Resource Protection Areas on this map. Note: when entering your address, don't include the word "street" or "drive" or whatever. For example, enter 21 Main, not 21 Main Street.

A permit is needed to remove invasive vegetation from RPAs. Learn more about the regulations here.  Here are some tips for the application process.

Prince William: Go to the CountyMapper and click on Environnment - Resource Protection Area Overlay. Learn more here and here.


Loudoun: Go to Weblogis - Online Mapping System, click on Environment then also on Hydric Areas.


Arlington: Go to the Watershed and Resource Protection Areas map. Learn more here and here. Permits are not needed to remove invasive vegetation from RPAs in Arlington except for trees over 3 inches in diameter (assuming you are not causing soil disburbance.)

City of Alexandria: Go to the Resource Protection Areas map. Learn more here.

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