Questions about native plants? This website is your “go-to” place!

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? Do you want to join in the fun? The Plant NOVA Natives website has a ton of helpful information about landscaping with native plants in Northern Virginia. Recently revamped, this website is the place for you if

· You want to know why planting native plants is so important. (Short version: this is how we can rescue the birds, butterflies, and the rest of the living world, starting right where we live and work.)

· You want help choosing plants, creating habitat, solving specific landscaping challenges, or finding professional help.

· You want to help us spread the word about home habitat, either by reaching out through your own networks or working with us.

More and more people are discovering that the beauty and relatively low maintenance requirements of native plants make them the obvious choice. Let’s turn Northern Virginia into a model of how human habitation can coexist with nature.

Help reverse the decline of native plants and wildlife in Northern Virginia by supporting our campaign.


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