November 2016 update

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Help get the word out in newsletters, Facebook, Nextdoor, etc.

Do you belong to any groups that put out newsletters? Are you on Facebook or a member of any Facebook group, and have you heard of, where people link up to others in their physical neighborhood? If so, please copy and paste the simple articles which we will be providing in these approximately-monthly updates. The first article is below, with a picture that you can also use. You can also link to it online here.

We are particularly eager for people to use their connections to reach groups that are not already hooked into the environmental movement. Think big – social groups, churches, political groups, workplaces, civic associations, etc.

Garden center outreach

More volunteers are needed to go talk to garden centers this winter. We are in the process of developing our strategy, but it will be simple and friendly, and we will provide you with all you need to be comfortable doing this. Email if you can help.

Upcoming screenings of Hometown Habitat (Could you plan a screening of your own?)

11/16 7:30 pm Friends of Dyke Marsh Huntley Meadows Park Visitor Center. Click here for details.

2/19/2017 2 pm

Herndon Environmental Network

Herndon Community Center. 814 Ferndale Ave, Herndon

Model weed ordinance – feedback needed

Many jurisdictions and homeowners associations have rules to address abandoned properties, but they were written before there was a general awareness of the concept of a designed native plant garden or meadow. After a great deal of research, we have come up with a draft of a model ordinance and need feedback from the community before proposing it to the Northern Virginia Regional Commission. Please take a look by clicking here. Send your comments to Corey Miles

Webmaster needed

Leslie Ashman, our very creative web person, has moved out of the area, so we are in need of one or more volunteer to take over. Leslie can provide initial training to anyone who has time and who possesses these