June 2021 Update

At the bottom of this page, please see the short article on­­­­­ planting for bees, and share it as widely as possible.

Plant NOVA Trees is coming! Just as is the case for Plant NOVA Natives, Plant NOVA Trees is the collaborative effort of numerous organizations that are pooling their resources to get the word out about the importance of planting and preserving native plants. The five year regional campaign will be reaching out to residents, businesses and communities in general and climate-vulnerable communities in particular. The campaign organizers will not be doing any of the actual planting and preserving – that will be up to all of you on private property, where the need for trees is greatest, and to the local jurisdictions on public land.

Are you frequently on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? – We need even more people to help with our social media presence. The more consistently we can post, the more native trees and other plants will get into the ground.

Email plantnovanatives@gmail.com if you can help.

Do you have (or could you take) photos of people planting trees? We will need many such photos for the tree campaign. Obviously the people in the photo must have given permission.

Put on a tree event this fall

To launch the native tree campaign, we will be sponsoring a region-wide Celebration of Trees, September through November. We are hoping that numerous people will help us create buzz by reaching out to folks in all kinds of settings: neighborhoods, workplaces, faith communities, nature centers, etc. Some ideas for events include

· Tree walks (For the general public, you would want to make it short, snappy and fun.)

· Tree plantings

· Removing invasives that threaten trees

· Storytelling - traditional stories, or about trees that have meaning in your own lives

  • Tree art projects, for kids or adults

  • Poetry readings

  • Book displays

  • Webinars

  • Labelling trees with their names

  • Signs in front of trees describing their particular benefits to wildlife and humans

  • Creating a GPS map of your community’s trees

  • Collecting seeds from your trees to be sent to the state nursery that grows seedlings (easy instructions here)

  • Forest bathing

  • Tie yellow ribbons around old oak trees (and red ones around red maples, etc)

  • Music

  • Scavenger hunts

  • Geocaching - here is a great example.

  • Fairy houses in the woods

  • Photo contests