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February 2019 Update

Another short article to share – At the bottom of this page, please see the short article about hiring native plant landscapers and share it as widely as possible.

Upcoming native plant sales - Seedling sales and giveaways are going on now, and native plant sales start at the end of March.

Help is very much needed, no experience necessary! Please help out for a few hours at one of our tabling opportunities. Please sign up ASAP so we don’t have to cancel. All you need is enthusiasm for the native plant movement. We will help you with the rest. Please sign up here.

City Nature Challenge April 26-29 - Join people across the world as we document life on earth in a gigantic iNaturalist citizen science project. You can do this on your own, but volunteers are also needed to host events in their communities (parks, HOAs, faith communities, school properties, etc) any time on those dates to take photos of all living things present and document them on iNaturalist. This is a great opportunity to inspire people to take action on their own properties to protect the local wildlife that they observe. Learn more here.

Don’t you love going to the garden center? How about letting us give you an excuse to spend more time there? We need more volunteers to help carry on our job of putting big red “NoVA Native” stickers on the plant signs at participating nurseries. Email

Partnering organizations collaborate – 50 representatives of 44 organizations met on February 26 to help lay out this year’s work scope for the Plant NOVA Natives campaign. Many plans were made for outreach to government, landscape professionals, and homeowner’s associations. Would you like to help? Please fill out this form to indicate your areas of possible interest (you won’t be committingyourself to anything.)

Educational events – many are planned and can be seen on our events calendar. Here are a few.

· Native Plant Picks for Spring – Merrifield Garden Center, FairOaks

o Sunday, March 10, 1 pm

o Saturday, March 23, 2019 9 am – 4 pm

o Talks by Larry Weaner, Barbara Pleasant, Sara Via, and Nancy Lawson

o Saturday, March 30, 2019 8 am - 4:30 pm

o May 11, August 10, October 12

Next Steering Committee meeting – All are welcome! March 19, 2019


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