February 2017 Update

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

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Slogan contest results – Thanks to those who submitted their slogans. Now to make them into Facebook “memes!”

· Be a 3 B Buddy – Plant Native Plants!

· Diversity Begins at Home. Plant Nova Natives!

· Native Plants for Native Gardens

· Make American Gardens Great Again!

· Creating Gardens is for the Birds and the Bees.

· Brother can you spare a bee? Plant NOVA Natives!

· Growing (& Preserving) Virginia history (here)!

Library exhibit cases – help us put up displays

Many public libraries have exhibit cases to hold displays by community organizations. Please approach your local library and find out the procedure. We can help you develop a display to promote NOVA native plants.

NVRC resolution on designed natural landscapes

On December 8, the Northern Virginia Regional Commission accepted a resolution that supports the use of designed natural landscapes. Click here to view. This sets the stage for local jurisdictions to examine their weed ordinances to see if they permit property owners to create home habitat.

The Grand Partnership

Representatives from 40 local private, non-profit, and governmental organizations met on January 24 to discuss ways to promote the use of native plants in Northern Virginia landscapes. The mailing lists of these organizations reach more than 22,000 people. The Plant NOVA Native campaign is designed to be a tool to help these groups and individuals to spread the good news about supporting wildlife on our own properties. Would your organization like to join?

NOVA Native Champion – Northern Virginia Association of Realtors Plant NOVA Natives presented a NOVA Natives Champion award to the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. In addition to using NOVA native plants extensively around their green building, they are selling the Native Plants for Northern Virginia guide in their store where realtors buy gifts for clients. Read about them and the other two a