December 2016 update

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Submit this month’s newsletter article wherever you can!

Please see the short article at the end of this update and think about groups who might not yet know about native plants.

Give the gift of outreach

All these items are available at no profit to us – the prices are as low as possible to make it easy for you to spread the word.


Tshirts, greeting cards, and much


Yard signs

Can be customized.

Native Plants for Northern Virginia

Full color guide. 48 pages.

Slogan contest

Memorable slogans and jingles that stick in the mind – those are what could make the native plant movement go big time.

For examples of the value of a “sticky” slogan or tune, complete these sentences:

“Only you can prevent…”

“Please, please, don’t be a…”

“Winston tastes good…”

Get the point? Submit your ideas to What words can we use to give people a sense of ownership of the home habitat concept?

Garden center outreach volunteers needed

Can you help expand our outreach to every garden center in Northern Virginia? The approach is quite simple. All you have to do is meet with the owners in January or February and go down a checklist of the various ways we can help them sell the native plants that they already stock.

Last chance for Guide update suggestions

We hope to update Native Plants for Northern Virginia in time for a late-winter printing. Let us know of any improvements we could make using the same general formatting.

Upcoming screening of Hometown Habitat (Could