April 2019 Update

Another short article to share – At the bottom of this page, please see the short article about groundcovers and share it as widely as possible.

City Nature Challenge April 26-29 – This Friday through Monday, we have an opportunity to get a lot more people involved with the native plant movement. Please try to convince your friends, neighbors and colleagues to participate. You never know who might get hooked on iNaturalist and develop into an enthusiastic advocate for conservation. Click here for instructions.

Anyone can do this on their own, but if they want company, Northern Virginia public events can be found here.

· Arlington - 15 events

· Alexandria - 14 events

· Fairfax - 18 events

· Prince William - 5 events

Training session for promoting native plants (with particular attention to HOAs) – Would you like to encourage your neighbors and colleagues to use more native plants? See details and sign up here. Saturday, June 29, 9:30-12:30 pm.

Upcoming native plant sales – Native plant sales continue.