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HOAs and Condo Associations

Need help from the experts? Several have volunteered to help you think about your specific situation.

Each expert will give a short presentation then open it up to your questions for the bulk of the hour. Please include your questions on the registration form so the presenters will know where to focus. Photos of the area of concern can be very helpful and will make the conference more interesting, so please email those to us.

Drainage and Erosion control for Community Associations


When: 10 am - 11 am, Tuesday, March 31 


Expert: Maria Harwood from the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District.


Please watch these three Soak It Up videos ahead of time.

Send any photos that might be helpful to Maria Harwood ahead of time:

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March 31 videoconference  

Drainage and Erosion Control

Invasive Plant Management


When: 11 am - 12 pm, Thursday, April 2


Expert: Kayla Cross, Invasive Plant Control


Kayla Cross will help you envision a plan for controlling the invasive plants on your common areas.

Please see our page on invasive plants.

Managing Trees in Community Associations


When: 10 am - 11 am, Thursday, April 9


Expert: Jim McGlone from the Virginia Department of Forestry

Please review the page on native trees on our website.


Jim McGlone will start by talking about the services that the Department of Forestry offers with some examples. He will also touch on some common regulatory restrictions that may be attached to common areas and a caution that there is a process that associations should go through to plant natives.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care


When: 9 am - 10 am Thursday, May 21


Expert: Cindy Smith, GMU Professor, Owner of MowCow Lawn and Landscape


Professor Smith will address your questions on lawn care or general maintenance.

Please read our short summary about lawn care and maintenance, and not the extensive details on our sample maintenance contract.

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