There are so many great ways that we can work together to inform and motivate others on the benefits and beauty of planting NOVA Natives.

Spread the Word - Work With Us

Plant NOVA Natives Blog

​Feel free to use these articles for your group's newsletter. 

1.   Let us know you’re interested


​​​2.   Community Outreach

​3.   Pitch in on the Campaign

  • All are welcome to our Steering Committee meetings, generally held monthly on a Tuesday morning. The schedule is on our calendar.

  • Send us photos of Northern Virginia native plants in a garden setting to add to our collection.

  • Be a NOVA Natives Tracker – complete a survey about plant availability at your local garden center.

  • Be a liaison to your local garden center. We are planning a big push to get the rest of them on board this fall and need lots of help! Our sales pitch is very simple and appealing to nurseries – we just need people to carry the message.

  • Many other practical tasks need to be done – just ask and we will gladly find ways for you to use your own skills and interests to contribute.

And don’t forget to REPORT BACK on your activities!