Plant NOVA Natives is a volunteer-led effort, the survival and continuation of which is contingent on the invaluable and much appreciated efforts of all who participate.  From committee members to community promoters and those who simply plant beautiful natives in their yards, all are contributing to the campaign in important ways.  

​To support the funding of PNN, we report all of these contributions, so it's essential to have the best information available, however grand or seemingly small.  While those bees, birds and butterflies may not thank you directly, we all know that they appreciate the increase in healthy habitat spreading across Northern Virginia as a result of this campaign and your efforts.

Thank you so much!

Please help us to ensure the continuation of funding -- and the growth of healthy habitat -- by keeping us informed of your activities and Pledging to Plant NOVA Natives.

Ways to Report

Take the pledge to plant a Northern Virginia native plant this year! Help us track our collective impact.

Did you work an event or do a presentation for Plant NOVA Natives?  
​Please report that here.

Have you had conversations with a local nursery or garden center?  We track these too!

And we use our NOVA Natives Tracker Form to gauge which Natives are available through local growers and retailers.

Spread the Word -Report Back

Some of our great Plant NOVA Natives Volunteers!