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Spread the word! Whether you're looking for a copy of our native plant booklet, gift certificates for native plants, a sign for your yard, t-shirts, hats, shopping tote or more, we have it all.  For our guides, we charge only enough to cover the cost of reprinting. Help us get the word out by spreading our message!

Created in partnership with the Virginia Native Plant Society, the cost of this booklet covers printing, tax, and shipping and handling. Use the button below to purchase via PayPal. You can also download the guide for free online. 

Volunteerism is the backbone of the Plant NOVA Natives campaign. But money definitely helps! Facebook ads, banners, printing, mailing, public events, and the website all cost something. Please click on the button to make a financial contribution. (And look under "Spread the Word" for the many, many ideas for how you can help in other ways.)

Whatever Plant NOVA Natives merchandise you want, it's here! A variety of short- and long-sleeve t-shirts for men, women, and children, sweatshirt, hats, canvas bags, mugs, water bottles, calendar, magnets, and more! 

Guide: Native plants for Northern Virginia - $8.50

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What could be a better gift than the native plants themselves?

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The best native plant advertising is your yard or business. You've shown your neighbors what native plant landscaping looks like; get the conversation started or continued with a sign. Purchase one we offer, or design your own!

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2-49 copies: $5 each
Case of 50: $200 ($4 each)   Tax is included.