​​Here are some great ideas to get you started in showing off the beauty and benefits of planting NOVA natives on your own property.

  • Learn more and meet the community at one of our classes or events.  Find them all on our calendar.
  • Consult the Native Plants for Northern Virginia guide on our website or order a copy here.
  • Plant native plants at home.
  • Take the pledge to show your commitment and to help us track our collective impact.  
  • Put up signs to show your pride and create some buzz.
  • Request an Audubon-at-Home free site visit to get advice and to certify your property as a wildlife sanctuary.
  • Join the landscaping committee of your homeowner’s association, place of worship, or place of employment.
  • Create a demonstration garden using our Tips for Landscaping with Native Plants.
  • Wear some Plant NOVA Natives gear to germinate some great conversation!
  • Hold a garden party to show off the beauty of native plants.
  • ​Use social media. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts and events.  
    ​Add the pics below to your feed to point others to our media presence. ​

Create, Showcase and Promote NOVA Natives in your own Home Habitat

Invasive plants are species which were intentionally or accidentally introduced by human activity into a region in which they did not evolve and which cause harm to natural resources, economic activity or humans. (Learn more about Invasive plants)​

Habitat loss and invasive plants are the leading cause of native biodiversity loss. Invasive plant species spread quickly and can displace native plants, prevent native plantgrowth, and create monocultures. A healthy plant community has a variety of herbs, shrubs, and trees.

Click here for a list of 
​Volunteer opportunities

to combat invasive plants.

Volunteer programs for removing invasive plants in Northern Virginia

Spread the Word - On Your Own