Northern Virginia Landscapers who work almost exclusively with NoVA Natives

Native Plant Landscape Design
Elisa Meara

Magee Design

Lush Life
Landscape Design Associates

Landscape Design

Edward Colahan 

Design InSite
Marty Hays

Deco Footprint

Adele Kuo​

Gone Native Landscapes
Brad Motter

Chesapeake Bay Landscape
​Professional​ Directory

More tips Check out these tips on Rain Gardens, Planting Natives to avoid Soil Erosion and Commercial Landscaping. And read this beautiful article on how to attract hummingbirds.

Sue Dingwell/VNPS

Financial help for 

conservation landscaping 

and rain gardens

Matching grants are available!​

Free help creating habitat

Would you like to turn your yard (or even your balcony) into a certified wildlife habitat? An Audubon-at-Home ambassador will walk your property with you and give you advice to get started.​​

Local Landscapers

Want to Incorporate NOVA Natives in your Landscape?

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