Looking to add natural habitat in a hurry?  We've got the solution!  Fill in your Sunny / Shady areas with these beautiful additions to your yard!

Quick Start Guide

How about some planting designs where all of the planning has been done for you?

Mailbox Garden Plan by Elisa Meara, President, Native Plant Landscape Design

Download the Green Book

The Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources has published a Green Book of the (Chesapeake Bay Watershed) Buffer, aka the GBB.  Follow the link for a variety of garden plans.

Get Help with Habitat – Consult Audubon at Home

If you are interested in creating a wildlife sanctuary on your own land, volunteers from Audubon at Home will consult with you for no charge at your house, business, faith community or other property. Once you have documented visits by wildlife, your property will be added to the growing list of certified sanctuaries.

Plant native plants! There are many NOVA natives that are relatively unpalatable to deer and that make a good choice in deer-ridden environments. The ones that are vulnerable to deer need our protection.  Give them a place to grow!

​Deer Damage? 

More Inspiration? 

Download our PDF for help on which plants to grow

Check out the following:

What do you do about pests in the garden?

Large outbreaks of pests can be episodic if conditions are right.  Good cultural practices, however, and planting the right plant in the right place will minimize pests (which often proliferate on stressed plants).  Here are a few pointers on managing pests sustainably.

Of course, the very best place to start your native garden is the official Native Plants for Northern Virginia guide.  These plants are naturally beautiful, enhancing your property and requiring less care while benefiting birds, butterflies and pollinators.  The guide also includes a quick reference section on best planting conditions.

Quick Tips for Growing NOVA Native Plants