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Become a Plant NOVA Natives Garden Center!

  • Label native plants
    • Plant NOVA Natives can help you identify plants native to Northern Virginia.
    • Stickers and labels available.
  • Use seasonal displays and banners to promote native plants
    • Banners, displays and suggested plant groupings available.
    • Expand inventory of best-selling native plants
  • Free training for garden center staff
    • Bring in a Plant NOVA Natives expert so your staff can answer customer questions knowledgeably
  • Promote native plants through your website or social media
    • Help create buzz about your native plant selection with pre-made social media posts.
  • Sell the Native Plant Guide ($4 cost, $5 recommended retail)
    • A great resource for your customers.
  • Be listed and promoted on the Native Plant Campaign website
    • Plant NOVA Natives can help you sell more plants and attract new customers