Audubon-at-Home certification is awarded by observing at least ten species from a select list of wildlife on your property and taking the Healthy Yard Pledge.

​The National Wildlife Federation’s Sacred Grounds program also recognizes communities that educate themselves and others while connecting their faith to Creation Care.Type your paragraph here.

Easy tools for educating your community

A 25 minute segment of the movie Hometown Habitat  tells the whole story for you - no public speaking skills or knowledge of the subject is required! Plant NOVA Natives has a limited licence to allow anyone who is considering organizing a screening at their place of worship to first view the movie on line for free. Email to get the password. To actually show it in public, you will need a license. A big discount is available from the filmmaker if you reference Plant NOVA Natives.

Click here for many other educational ideas.

Public forums

Herndon Friends Meeting launched the movement in September 2016 by holding an interfaith showing of Hometown Habitat followed by discussion. Members of seven other faith communities attended and were inspired to take the word back to their own communities. We hope that each community will hold its own public forum in turn and lead the way to a Northern Virginia where humans share the land with the rest of the living world. Invite other congregations from your own religion, or from other faiths in your neighborhood.

​A sample invitation to send out to neighboring faith communities can be found here.

Applying  the principles of wildlife stewardship to your community property.

·              Plant native plants to feed the wildlife.

                    Click here for landscaping ideas for faith communities.

                     See photos of native plants in a landscaping setting.

·              Remove invasive introduced plants.

·              Protect the creatures you are attracting: go pesticide-free.

·              Use lawn (which is a sterile environment) only where it is actually needed.

·              Reduce storm water run-off.

For practical advice on creating habitat, ask for a free consultation with a volunteer Audubon-at-Home ambassador.

Matching grants may be available from the state via the Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (depending on your jurisdiction).

Consider certifying your community’s property as a wildlife sanctuary.

Help us help each other.

·        Get on our email list for periodic updates about this movement. Email or give us your email address on our "I Pledge to Plant NOVA Natives" form.

·        Share your ideas and progress on our Facebook forum, Sowing Seeds of Stewardship (NOVA). 

·        Let us know of your plans so we can report on and coordinate this effort in Northern Virginia, by emailing us or by filling out the Event Reporting Form.


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