Where to Find Northern Virginia Native Plants

NOVA natives are taking root, and spreading across the Northern Virginia neighborhoods and countryside like, well, the happy, nurtured Natives that they are!  (Just think about how happy you are to be among family and friends.)

To help you find NOVA Natives in your own community, we've listed sellers of Natives and our Guides, along with special seasonal sales, Natives-friendly landscapers, Homeowners Associations and other organizations that promote Natives.  Check back for updates as the season grows!

Native-only sellers - Get expert knowledgeable to help pick the best natives for your areas -
                                        Support your local native-only sellers

Spring and fall native plant sales ​- Vendors set up booths with a wide variety of native plants.

Seedling sales and giveaways - Find tree and shrub bare-root seedlings for free or


- Other plant sellers - Can't get to a native-only seller? These other vendors stock some
                                        natives as well

- Profiles - Learn more about some of the vendors